Ife Di Mma


Ife Di Mma

Umu Obiligbo

About Ife Di Mma Album

The album "Ife Di Mma" is the debut album by Nigerian highlife duo Umu Obiligbo. It was released in 2014 and features 10 tracks, including the title track "Ife Di Mma". The album is a blend of traditional Igbo highlife music with modern elements, and it explores a variety of themes, including love, loss, family, and social commentary.

The album was a commercial success in Nigeria, and it helped to establish Umu Obiligbo as one of the leading highlife acts in the country. The album's title track, "Ife Di Mma", was a major hit, and it won the award for Best Highlife Song at the 2015 Headies Awards.

Released 2014
Duration 01:11:08
Artist(s) Umu Obiligbo
Genre HighLife