Summer Walker - CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE



Summer Walker

About CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE Album

Summer Walker's CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE is a nine-track EP that serves as the follow-up to her 2019 EP, CLEAR. The project features collaborations with Childish Gambino, Solange, Steve Lacy, and John Kirby. The EP is a departure from Walker's previous work, which often dealt with themes of heartbreak and pain. Instead, CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE is a celebration of love, joy, and self-care. The project is a reflection of Walker's own personal growth and journey to finding peace and happiness.

The EP opens with the track "To Summer, From Cole (Audio Hug)," which features a spoken word interlude from J. Cole. The track sets the tone for the rest of the project, which is a warm and inviting ode to love and happiness. The second track, "Hardlife," is a smooth and sultry R&B track about finding love in the midst of a difficult situation. The third track, "How Does It Feel," is a dreamy and ethereal ballad about the power of love. The fourth track, "Mind Yo Mouth," is a playful and flirtatious track about setting boundaries. The fifth track, "Pull Up," is a seductive and confident track about demanding what you want. The sixth track, "New Type," is a funky and soulful track about finding someone who is your perfect match. The seventh track, "Finding Peace," is a calming and reflective track about finding inner peace. The eighth track, "Set Up (2017)," is a previously unreleased track that was originally recorded in 2017. The ninth and final track, "Agayu's Revelation," is a spiritual and uplifting track about finding your purpose in life.

CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE is a beautiful and soulful project that showcases Summer Walker's growth as an artist. The project is a celebration of love, joy, and self-care, and it is a must-listen for fans of R&B music.

Released 2023
Duration 28:09
Artist(s) Summer Walker
Genre RnB