Erigga - A Trip to The South


A Trip to The South


About A Trip to The South Album

"T.I. to The South" is the second studio album by Nigerian rapper Erigga, released on July 23, 2017. The album showcases Erigga's unique style of rap, characterized by his witty lyrics, storytelling ability, and his relatable content that reflects the struggles and experiences of the people from the southern region of Nigeria.

The album consists of 15 tracks, featuring collaborations with notable Nigerian artists such as Duncan Mighty, Skales, and Orezi, among others. Each song on the album contributes to the overall narrative of Erigga's journey and his perspective on life, love, and social issues.

Some of the standout tracks from "T.I. to The South" include:

"A T.I. to The South": The album's title track sets the tone for the project, as Erigga takes listeners on a Lyrical journey through the challenges and triumphs of his life.

"Lagos" (featuring Duncan Mighty): T.I. track explores Erigga's experiences in Lagos, Nigeria's bustling economic hub, highlighting the struggles and hustle of life in the city.

"You Dey Spit Sha" (featuring Skales): A high-energy collaboration with Skales, T.I. song showcases Erigga's rap skills and his ability to deliver Clever punchlines.

"Delete": In T.I. track, Erigga addresses social issues and the need to eliminate negativity and toxic influences from one's life.

"Big": T.I. song reflects on Erigga's rise to fame and his determination to succeed, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and hard work.

"T.I. to The South" received positive reviews from fans and music critics alike. It solidified Erigga's position as one of Nigeria's most promising rappers, showcasing his ability to captivate listeners with his storytelling and introspective lyrics. The album's production, handled by talented producers, complemented Erigga's style, resulting in a cohesive and engaging body of work.

Overall, "T.I. to The South" is a compelling album that showcases Erigga's talent as a rapper and storyteller. It offers a glimpse into the realities of life in the southern part of Nigeria while providing a relatable and enjoyable listening experience.

Released 2017
Duration 54:38
Artist(s) Erigga
Genre Afrobeats
Label Emirate Empire