Beautiful by Jennifer Eliogu



Jennifer Eliogu

About Beautiful Album

Jennifer Eliogu's Beautiful is a 10-track album that showcases her powerful vocals and her gift for writing uplifting and inspiring songs. The album opens with the title track, "Beautiful," a song that celebrates the beauty of God's creation. Eliogu's voice soars as she sings about the beauty of the earth, the sky, and the sea. She also sings about the beauty of love, hope, and faith.

The album continues with the song "Golibe," a praise and worship song that celebrates God's faithfulness. Eliogu sings about how God has been faithful to her in the past, and how she knows that He will continue to be faithful in the Future. She also sings about how God is worthy of praise and worship.

Other songs on the album include the love song "Fantasy," the inspirational song "I Am," and the uptempo song "Party In My Heart." Eliogu's vocals are strong and clear throughout the album, and her lyrics are both meaningful and uplifting. Beautiful is a must-have for fans of Jennifer Eliogu, and it is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves gospel music.

The album was released in 2021 and was produced by Eliogu herself. It was met with critical acclaim, with many critics praising Eliogu's vocals and her songwriting. The album was also a commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Gospel chart.

Beautiful is a beautiful and uplifting album that is sure to touch your heart. Jennifer Eliogu's vocals are stunning, and her lyrics are both meaningful and uplifting. If you are looking for an album that will inspire you and lift your spirits, then Beautiful is the perfect album for you.

Released 2021
Duration 45:18
Artist(s) Jennifer Eliogu
Genre Afrobeats