Religiously. The Album.


Religiously. The Album.

Bailey Zimmerman


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About Religiously. The Album. Album

"Religiously. The Album." is a remarkable debut studio album by talented American country music artist Bailey Zimmerman. Released on May 12, 2023, under the labels Warner Music Nashville and Elektra Records, this captivating album showcases Zimmerman's undeniable talent and heartfelt songwriting.

Comprising a total of 16 tracks that span a delightful 52 minutes, "Religiously. The Album." takes listeners on a captivating musical journey. From the opening track, "Religiously," with its infectious melodies and Zimmerman's soulful vocals, to the introspective and powerful "Warzone," the album immediately establishes its captivating atmosphere.

Zimmerman's songwriting prowess shines throughout the album, as demonstrated in tracks like "Fix'n To Break" and "Forget About You." These songs exude emotional depth, combining relatable lyrics with irresistible melodies, creating an authentic and engaging listening experience.

The album features several standout tracks that have already made a significant impact. The chart-topping singles "Fall In Love" and "Rock and a Hard Place" are undeniably catchy, with their infectious hooks and Zimmerman's captivating delivery. These songs initially gained recognition when they were included on Zimmerman's debut EP, "Leave the Light On," and continue to resonate with audiences as part of this incredible album.

"Religiously. The Album." also showcases Zimmerman's versatility. Tracks like "You Don’t Want That Smoke" and "Chase Her" infuse elements of rock and pop, adding a dynamic and energetic flair to the overall sound. Zimmerman effortlessly navigates between different musical styles, further showcasing his talent as a versatile and skilled artist.

Throughout the album, Zimmerman's songwriting stands out as deeply personal and introspective. Tracks like "Other Side Of Lettin’ Go," "Pain Won’t Last," and "Where It Ends" explore themes of heartbreak, resilience, and self-discovery, resonating with listeners on a profound level.

The album closes with the poignant and reflective "Is This Really Over?" leaving listeners with a lingering sense of emotional catharsis. Zimmerman's ability to convey genuine emotions through his music is truly captivating, and it is evident in every track on "Religiously. The Album."

With its compelling storytelling, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious melodies, "Religiously. The Album." establishes Bailey Zimmerman as an exciting and promising artist in the country music scene. This debut album is a testament to Zimmerman's talent, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his Future musical endeavors.

Released 2023
Duration 54:45
Artist(s) Bailey Zimmerman
Genre Country