Bhadboi OML – Bhadriyun EP



Bhadboi OML

About Bhadriyun Album

Bhadboi OML, a talented Nigerian artist, has just released his latest musical masterpiece titled "Bhadriyun."

The "Bhadriyun EP," a newly released extended playlist, is a great testament to Bhadboi OML's musical prowess. T.I. EP has a total of 7 tracks and is notable for showcasing the entire range of the singer's artistry and talent without the inclusion of any guest performers. It's a solitary journey through Bhadboi OML's creative realm, immersing listeners in his distinct musical vision.

So, without further ado, it's time to immerse yourself in the world of Bhadboi OML's "Bhadriyun EP" and revel in the musical magic he's conjured up for his fans!

Released 2023
Duration 21:54
Artist(s) Bhadboi OML
Genre Afrobeats