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"Asa," released in 2007, is the debut studio album by the Nigerian-French singer and songwriter, Asa (real name Bukola Elemide). The album served as Asa's introduction to the global music scene and garnered widespread acclaim for its soulful sound and heartfelt lyrics.

The album features a diverse blend of soul, jazz, and Afrobeat influences, with Asa's evocative vocals taking center stage. She sings in both English and Yoruba, adding a touch of her Nigerian heritage to the music, making it even more authentic and captivating.

Asa's debut album is a deeply introspective work that delves into a range of personal and universal themes. The songs touch upon love, self-discovery, social issues, and the complexities of relationships, drawing listeners into her world with emotional and relatable storytelling.

The standout tracks on "Asa" include "Jailer," a soulful and politically charged song that speaks out against injustice and oppression, and "Bibanke," a touching love ballad with poignant lyrics about devotion and vulnerability. Other notable tracks like "Fire on the Mountain," "360°," and "Eye Adaba" showcase Asa's versatility as an artist and her ability to deliver emotive performances.

The album's production is characterized by its simplicity and elegance, allowing Asa's raw and soul-stirring vocals to shine through. The musical arrangements complement her voice beautifully, creating a captivating and immersive listening experience.

"Asa" received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, establishing Asa as a major talent in the world of contemporary African music. The album's success paved the way for her subsequent releases, solidifying her reputation as one of Nigeria's most respected and celebrated musicians.

Overall, "Asa" is a stunning debut album that showcases Asa's artistry and sets the stage for her Future musical endeavors. With its soulful melodies and powerful messages, the album remains a beloved favorite among fans and a timeless introduction to the captivating world of Asa's music.


Released 2007
Duration 47:39
Artist(s) Asa
Genre RnB/Soul