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About New Era Album

"New Era" is the debut studio album by Nigerian artist Kizz Daniel. Released in 2016, the album showcases Kizz Daniel's musical prowess and sets the stage for his rise to prominence in the Nigerian music industry.

The album is a fusion of afro-pop, highlife, and contemporary music elements, highlighting Kizz Daniel's ability to deliver infectious melodies and captivating lyrics. With a mix of upbeat tracks and heartfelt ballads, "New Era" takes listeners on a journey through various themes such as love, relationships, and personal experiences.

The album features several chart-topping hits, including "Woju," "Mama," and "Jombo," which became fan favorites and helped establish Kizz Daniel's signature sound. Each track on the album carries its own unique charm, showcasing Kizz Daniel's versatility as an artist.

"New Era" also boasts collaborations with fellow artist Sugarboy on tracks like "Napo," "Ghetto Boys," and "Upon Me," adding a dynamic element to the album and highlighting the chemistry between the two artists.

The album's production quality is top-notch, with a blend of catchy hooks, vibrant instrumentals, and well-crafted songwriting. Kizz Daniel's smooth vocals and charismatic delivery further elevate the listening experience, making "New Era" an enjoyable and memorable body of work.

Overall, "New Era" serves as a solid introduction to Kizz Daniel's musical style and artistry. It showcases his ability to craft compelling songs that resonate with a wide range of listeners, establishing him as a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene.


Released 2016
Duration 01:05:13
Artist(s) Kizz Daniel
Genre Afrobeats
Label G-Worldwide Entertainment