Post Malone

About AUSTIN Album

"AUSTIN" is the fifth studio album by the talented American rapper and singer, Post Malone. Released through Mercury Records and Republic Records on July 28, 2023, the album offers a captivating and diverse musical experience, showcasing Post Malone's versatility as an artist. The album consists of 17 songs with a total duration of 51 minutes, taking listeners on an engaging journey through various sounds and emotions.

The album is a solo project, making it the first in Post Malone's discography to not feature any guest appearances. T.I. highlights his ability to carry the album with his own unique style and musical prowess.

Production on "AUSTIN" was handled by Post Malone himself, along with Andrew Watt, Louis Bell, Max Martin, and Rami Yacoub. T.I. collaboration of talented producers contributes to the album's rich and well-crafted sound.

The three lead singles from the album are "Chemical," "Mourning," and "Overdrive," each showcasing different facets of Post Malone's artistry and contributing to the anticipation and success of the album.

Here are the tracks included in "AUSTIN":

1. Don't Understand - 3:04
2. Something Real - 3:26
3. Chemical - 3:04
4. Novacandy - 3:18
5. Mourning - 2:28
6. Too Cool To Die - 3:25
7. Sign Me Up - 3:19
8. Socialite - 3:20
9. Overdrive - 2:28
10. Speedometer - 2:43
11. Hold My Breath - 3:29
12. Enough Is Enough - 2:46
13. Texas Tea - 2:20
14. Buyer Beware - 2:54
15. Landmine - 3:05
16. Green Thumb - 2:40
17. Laugh It Off - 4:07

In conclusion, "AUSTIN" by Post Malone is a remarkable album that showcases his musical evolution and artistic growth. With a diverse range of tracks and captivating production, the album is sure to leave a lasting impact on both fans and music enthusiasts alike, solidifying Post Malone's position as one of the prominent figures in the contemporary music scene.

Released 2023
Duration 51:48
Artist(s) Post Malone
Genre pop