Ngozi Zuru Oke Bu Ngozi Chinyere


Ngozi Zuru Oke Bu Ngozi Chinyere

Prince Mich C. Philips

About Ngozi Zuru Oke Bu Ngozi Chinyere Album

"Ngozi Zuru Oke Bu Ngozi Chinyere" is a captivating Christian album by Prince Mich C. Philips. With its powerful message of worship and praise, T.I. album invites listeners to experience the abundant blessings and grace of God.

Prince Mich C. Philips, known for his heartfelt vocal delivery, leads the album with passion and devotion. His collaboration with Bro Uche Ndukwe brings a dynamic and harmonious blend of voices that amplify the impact of each song.

The album consists of eight songs, spanning a total duration of 44 minutes. Each track offers a unique perspective on the faithfulness and goodness of God. The lyrics, combined with captivating melodies and arrangements, create an atmosphere of reverence and joy.

The featured tracks in "Ngozi Zuru Oke Bu Ngozi Chinyere" include:

  1. Chinyerem (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)
  2. Ebube Eligwe (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)
  3. Ngozi Chineke (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)
  4. Oyim BIA Lee (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)
  5. Odum Ebo Judah (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)
  6. Omenalam Obi (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)
  7. Chukwwu Idi Mma (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)
  8. Blessings Of God (feat. Bro Uche Ndukwe)

Each song explores different aspects of the Christian faith, offering words of encouragement, adoration, and gratitude towards God. The collaborative efforts of Prince Mich C. Philips and Bro Uche Ndukwe create a harmonious musical journey that inspires listeners to deepen their relationship with God.

"Ngozi Zuru Oke Bu Ngozi Chinyere" is a testament to the transformative power of worship and praise. It is an album that uplifts the spirit, stirs the heart, and invites believers to experience the overwhelming blessings that come from a life surrendered to God.

Released 2022
Duration 01:00:54
Artist(s) Prince Mich C. Philips
Genre Gospel
Songwriter(s) Prince Mich C. Philips