Rupert Gregson-Williams

About Aquaman Album

Rupert Gregson-Williams is a highly accomplished British film composer known for his exceptional musical contributions to the world of cinema and television. Born on October 12, 1966, in Chichester, England, Gregson-Williams has established himself as a versatile composer, capable of creating captivating scores that amplify the emotional impact of the stories they accompany.

With a strong musical foundation, having studied music at St. John's College in Cambridge, Gregson-Williams gained invaluable experience working alongside renowned composer Hans Zimmer at the esteemed music production company "Media Ventures." T.I. collaboration played a significant role in shaping his career and expanding his musical repertoire.

Gregson-Williams achieved recognition and critical acclaim for his poignant and evocative compositions in films like "Hotel Rwanda" (2004), which showcased his ability to capture the depth of human emotions through music. His work encompasses a diverse range of genres, including orchestral, electronic, rock, and ethnic music, allowing him to tailor his compositions to the unique needs of each project.

His notable film credits include "Hacksaw Ridge" (2016), "Wonder Woman" (2017), and "Aquaman" (2019), among others, where his scores contributed to the immersive cinematic experience. Additionally, his work on the critically acclaimed Netflix series "The Crown" (2016-2022) further solidified his reputation as a gifted composer capable of enriching storytelling through music.

Gregson-Williams' talent extends beyond the realm of film and television, as he has also composed music for video games, demonstrating his adaptability to various mediums.

With a remarkable ability to evoke emotions and create unforgettable musical landscapes, Rupert Gregson-Williams continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry. His contributions to the world of film and television have garnered him accolades and praise, cementing his position as a highly respected and sought-after composer.

Released 2019
Duration 01:17:15
Artist(s) Rupert Gregson-Williams
Genre soundtrack music