Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz Album by G Perico , DJ Drama


Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz

G Perico & DJ Drama

About Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz Album

Hip-Hop fans rejoice, G Perico and DJ Drama have teamed up to release their highly anticipated album "Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz". This 32-minute album boasts 13 tracks of pure fire, with G Perico's distinctive West Coast sound and DJ Drama's signature mixtape style.

"Still Independent" opens the album with a hard-hitting beat and G Perico's confident flow. The track is produced by Steelz and sets the tone for the rest of the album. "Action" follows with a more laid-back vibe but still manages to keep the energy high. "Ask G4" features a catchy hook and G Perico's storytelling ability, while "German Engineering" showcases his unique flow and lyrical prowess.

"Religion" and "No Do Overs" continue to impress with their infectious beats and clever wordplay. "Everything" featuring RJmrLA is a standout track, with the two rappers trading verses effortlessly over a bouncy beat. "Lifestyle" and "Rap Life" are short but sweet, with G Perico's delivery keeping the listener engaged throughout.

"Mind Body Soul" and "Therapy" slow things down a bit, with G Perico delving into more introspective topics. The former features a haunting vocal sample that adds depth to the track. "Karma" picks up the pace again, with a driving beat and G Perico's signature swagger.

The album closes with "Clicc Credits", a short but sweet instrumental track that serves as a fitting conclusion to the project. Throughout the album, G Perico's flow is on point, and DJ Drama's production skills shine.

In conclusion, "Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz" is a must-listen for any Hip-Hop fan. With its catchy beats and clever wordplay, G Perico and DJ Drama have crafted an album that is sure to keep listeners coming back for more. Download & Share "Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz" by G Perico and DJ Drama today and discover the latest addition to your Hip-Hop playlist.

Released 2023
Duration 32:38
Artist(s) G Perico & DJ Drama
Genre Hip-Hop