Prince Mich C. Philips

Prince Mich C. Philips

About Prince Mich C. Philips

Prince Mich C. Philips is a renowned Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter known for his impactful music and devotion to spreading the message of faith, hope, and love through his songs. He was born on May 16, 1965, in Ezinifite, Aguata, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Prince Mich C. Philips began his music career in the early 1990s and quickly gained recognition for his soul-stirring performances and powerful vocal abilities. With his captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics, he has touched the lives of many listeners, inspiring them to connect with their spirituality and find solace in gospel music.

Throughout his career, Prince Mich C. Philips has released several albums that have garnered widespread acclaim and popularity. Some of his notable albums include "Ngozi Chukwu VOL 1 (God's Blessings)," "Ngozi Chukwu, Vol. 2," "Ngozi Chukwu, Vol. 3," "Ngozi Chukwu Special," "Ngozi Chukwu Vol. 6," "Omerem Scekemce - Vol 1," "Happy Day," "Ebube Chukwu," "Jesus Onye Ndum," "Ebube Praise, Vol. 1," and "Ngozi Zuru Oke Bu Ngozi Chinyere."

Prince Mich C. Philips has received recognition for his contributions to gospel music. He has been honored with awards such as the City People Entertainment Awards for Best Gospel Artiste of the Year in 2001 and 2002, solidifying his status as a respected figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Prince Mich C. Philips is known for his humility, deep faith, and dedication to serving God through his music. His songs not only showcase his exceptional talent but also convey messages of spiritual encouragement, love, and gratitude.

Prince Mich C. Philips continues to touch hearts and inspire listeners with his soulful music and unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel. His powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics, and uplifting performances have made him a beloved figure in the Nigerian gospel music industry, and his music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.





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