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About Chinyere Udoma

Chinyere Udoma (born 1976) is a Nigerian-born Igbo gospel singer, songwriter, and philanthropist. She hails from Enugu State, Nigeria. Many of Chinyere Udoma songs become very popular and trendy online with a great number of streaming and downloads on Nagornet.

Chinyere Udoma was born in 1976 in Ibadan, she started her musical career in music back then when she was attending school. Chinyere Udoma is a graduate from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State. Chinyere kick-started her musical career while studying at school.

Chinyere graduated from UNN, and only God knew that she had a blossoming career ahead. She has been on top for more than a decade, and she gives the joy and happiness of her songs in Nigeria and abroad. Chinyere Udoma is one of the most known gospel music artists in Nigeria. Her fans also call her Big Mother and Sister Chi.

Besides releasing songs and performing in different places, Chinyere is also known as a philanthropist. As for many other African gospel artists, for Chinyere it all started in a choir. She was a member of a church choir, and it was there where she decided to go with the genre of gospel music. Well, we can tell that this decision was more than right for her.

Given the fact that Chinyere could not speak English well back then and her songs were written in Igbo. Her song titled "Agu Neche Mba" can be called one of the most popular singles of her early period, and it is strongly loved by Nigerians. But the real fame came to Chinyere Udoma after releasing a successful single titled "Wind Of Glory."

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Chinyere Udoma Songs
• Marvelous God
• I Have a Reason
• Celebration Time
• Wind of Glory Medley
• Bianu K'anyi Nye Ya Ekele
• Ogbagwojurum Anya
• Pure Praise
• A Dim Well Loaded
• Manifestation Time
• Onye Isi Ugbo
• Ebube Aha Gi Bu Jihova
• Oloro Ihe Loro Enyi
• Ebube
• Chukwu Emezuwo nkwa
• Udo Di

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