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Ebuka Songs

About Ebuka Songs

Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary, also known as Ebuka Songs or Minister Ebuka, is a talented Nigerian gospel artist and songwriter. Born in 1992 in Imo State, Nigeria, his exact date of birth remains private. However, we will update this page with his full biodata as soon as it becomes available.

Ebuka recently released a powerful new song titled "I Will Pray," in which he emphasizes the importance of prayer for Christians in their battle against satanic invasion. His music not only showcases his unique style but also incorporates deeply spiritual chants that have touched the hearts of many.

Here are some of Ebuka Songs' top tracks:
- I Will Pray
- Midnight Cry
- The Value of Life
- Soaked Worship
- A Cry for Help
- Father Me
- Outpouring
- Fellowship

Ebuka's journey in music began while studying theater art at Imo State University (IMSU). Even during his time in university, his friends recognized his passion and talent for leading others in worship. Growing up in a God-fearing home, his devotion to his faith has always been reflected in his lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ebuka Songs as we continue to follow his inspiring musical career.


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