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Good Guy

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"Good Guy" is a song by American rapper Eminem featuring Canadian singer Jessie Reyez. It is included in Eminem's tenth studio album titled "Kamikaze," which was released on August 31, 2018. The album received widespread acclaim for its aggressive and confrontational Lyrical style, marking a return to Eminem's earlier rap sound.

"Good Guy" serves as the twelfth track on the album and features Jessie Reyez providing vocals on the chorus. The song explores themes of a toxic relationship and the pain caused by betrayal and mistrust. Eminem's verses depict a troubled romance where he feels trapped and manipulated by his partner. The chorus sung by Jessie Reyez adds emotional depth to the song, expressing the perspective of the female counterpart.

With its intense lyrics and Eminem's characteristic rapid-fire delivery, "Good Guy" showcases the rapper's Lyrical prowess and ability to convey complex emotions. The track combines aggressive rapping with melodic elements in the chorus, creating a contrast between the verses and the hook.

"Kamikaze," the album on which "Good Guy" appears, was released as a surprise project without any prior announcement. The album was a response to the mixed reception received by Eminem's previous album, "Revival," which was criticized by some for its pop-oriented sound and lack of the rapper's traditional style. In "Kamikaze," Eminem returns to his rap roots with a more aggressive and confrontational approach, targeting critics and fellow artists.

Overall, "Good Guy" is a standout track on Eminem's "Kamikaze" album, delivering intense and emotionally charged verses accompanied by Jessie Reyez's captivating vocals. The song further solidifies Eminem's reputation as one of the most influential and skilled rappers of his generation.

Eminem Good Guy Lyrics

"Good Guy"
(feat. Jessie Reyez)

Here we go again from heroes to villains
Used to be your Romeo but we both were jilted
A couple of times, so we had a slippery slope to deal with
But still it gave me hope that we'll get
Through it together, a severed earlobe
Mailed to you in an E-N-V-elope would be dope
But what kind of lengths can you go?
Pull a Vincent van Gogh, just to convince a damn ho
To be a housewife who outright lies
She's blackout drunk, now she's backin' out my drive
I ran outside, why's she tryna act out?
She's just about my size, hit me in the mouth twice
Guys, when someone you'd die for
Sticks a steak knife in your heart, do you try more?
Another late night in, she stumbles through my door
Lets the daylight in and all we do's fight more
And I ain't violent, but she's goin' through my drawers
To plant the K-Y in; I'm gettin' accused by a whore
Who smells like St. Ides and who's probably screwed five more
Guys, sucked eight/nine men
I'm takin' two-by-fours to our eight-by-tens
Bitch it's you I tore out the frame, I win
Put up a new high score, beat this game I'm in
And here's some two-ply for when you date my friends
In order to wipe your ass when you moved your bowels
When we renewed our vows, this the thanks I get?
I'm waitin' for the day I can
Hear you say, "Marshall, what a skank I've been!
And there's a new guy, you're being replaced by him"
Got your tubes tied for him, got that boob job for him
Hurts me to my core, but the pain I'm in
After you, I swore to make the gray skies end
Here come the rays, like when you get a pay hike and
Am I the good guy or do I just play like him
And hope that he dumps you?
It's like a dream come true, just to scream "Fuck you!"
Guess you take life in the same way you play dice then
'Cause you just look at me and roll them little snake eyes in

[Jessie Reyez:]
Since you bought the jury, they'll call me guilty, they'll call me guilty
You bought the jury, they'll call me guilty, even though you know the real me
You can't beat a cheater, convince a nonbeliever
And I ain't in my feelings, I'm out but I let you say that you're the good guy
'Cause this ain't what love looks like
You can't beat a cheater, convince a nonbeliever
I ain't in my feelings, I'm out but I let you say that you're the good guy
They like, "You're the good guy," they like, they like
They like, "You're the good guy"

About Good Guy

Released 2018
Duration 03:43
Artist(s) Eminem & Jessie Reyez
Genre Rap
Label Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope Records, WEB Entertainment
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