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Guilty  is a song from Leaving an Impact for Eternity (L.I.F.E), by Nigerian singer Burna Boy,  featuring M.I check out the song here for download in Mp3, zip, Audio format

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Burna Boy Guilty Lyrics

Said I am guilty of loving you, girl
Said I am guilty of loving you, girl
Said I am guilty, send me to jail
Give me a life sentence, send me to jail
'Cause I am guilty of loving you, girl
Said "I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth"
I couldn't swear that I never knew (aah)
This is how it all started
I met this girl on my way to school
Then we went to her place, but I say to you
She dropped her books and I just played the fool
So we rise and fall for you (oh no)
And now we all grown up now
We separate ways for school and such now
(Aah) but anytime that you touch down
You go remember me (oh yeah, say I need you too)
'Cause of loving you, girl (of loving you girl)
Oh Lord, oh Lord (oh Lord)
Ooh, aah
Listen, you should've been my wifey
I don't care if anyone else like me (hey)
If they don't like it they can die, me nuh care
When you're gone I cry, I swear
Said "I miss you very much right now"
My girl, my girl ooh I'd (oh my God)
Do anything for you, anything for you
'Cause I am guilty of loving you (I'm loving you baby)
Said I am guilty of loving you (you are, only you baby)
When I heard the verdict, I jumped up when I heard it
You will never please that verdict
Getting a life sentence like I murdered
(Aah) all because of your love my girl
Do anything for you girl
Don't ever take me for a fool (take me for a fool)
My kindness for weakness, this is me and you
In this world, all I have in this world is you ooh
You better have my children in the same building
We will live together in harmony
Ooh, 'cause I am guilty of loving you girl

About Guilty

Released January 2, 2023
Duration 03:36
Artist(s) Burna Boy
Genre Afrobeats
Views 1
Downloads 3

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