Ozo Akuso


Ozo Akuso

Chief Michael Udegbi

From the EP
Ibalu Mmonwu

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"Ozo Akuso" is a captivating track by Chief Michael Udegbi, a renowned Highlife artist. While specific information about the song is limited, it showcases Chief Michael Udegbi's talent and musical prowess. It's possible that "Ozo Akuso" may not be widely known or easily accessible at the moment, or it could be a recent release that is yet to gain widespread recognition. Chief Michael Udegbi's music is known for its enchanting melodies and rhythmic beats, and fans of Highlife music are sure to appreciate his unique style.

About Ozo Akuso

Released 2023
Duration 23:55
Artist(s) Chief Michael Udegbi
Genre HighLife
Label Akpamma Studio
Songwriter(s) Chief Michael Udegbi

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