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"Hold Up" is a song by Nigerian rapper Erigga. It is featured on his album titled "A T.I. to The South," which was released in 2017. Erigga, whose real name is Erhiga Agarivbie, is a Popular Nigerian hip-hop artist known for his gritty and thought-provoking lyrics.

The song "Hold Up" showcases Erigga's unique rap style and storytelling ability. It addresses various societal issues, including the struggles of the common man and the challenges faced in the pursuit of success. Erigga's lyrics are often infused with elements of street life and the realities of his upbringing in the city of Warri, Nigeria.

A T.I. to The South, the album that features "Hold Up," was well-received by both fans and critics alike. It captures Erigga's experiences and reflections on life, love, and the complexities of the Nigerian society. The album includes collaborations with other Nigerian artists such as Duncan Mighty, Skales, and Orezi, further adding to its appeal.

Erigga Hold Up Lyrics

Hold Up
Song by Erigga

It's erigga baby
Paper boi
Ah just woke up in a brand new house
I wanna go out and I've got a brand new car
Mehn na God dey run am menn
Nobody move jargon dey hold up
Business don bad tell rappers make them gold up
Ah need better space bus keep your sienna
Am getting work work work Rihanna
If you hear say ah suffer no be fabu
Hungry wey dey give headache alabukun
No chairman dey gree drop like kabu kabu
Buh them want make you dey follow them like malu malu
God4bid talent full my buluku
I'm the shit forget wetin your pikin poo poo
But no poo poo to write my lyrics cool cool
In a word wey who no get money na mugu
Until emirate empire enter my life
Everything good soft girl enter my ride
You need protection forget Gold Circle
Money dey come make wey drive enter ecoobank
Bross see ehn
Who do too pack iron for neck no dey know g9ld
So baba God guide me ah no too know road
Cut my grass if you see the state wey fold
Dey form friends now
Because my account don load
Swell up like who chop community cash
Beat the beat like who chop community cash
You no know me ah follow full market argue
Cun win them join them no dey follow me drag you
This no be Blom_blow boss wey okpendy be oh
This na gbedu wey go burst brain everywhere you go
Na God sure pass ah no fit fall like Jericho
Who dey roast corn no suppose walka go far
2017 team na go gather bar
Like picture wey only me dey ah take am personal
Forget haters those ones no be pexin naaa
Ah no fit go hell devil go taya for me
Him no mind find another one hire for me
My problem pass the one buhari dey face
Lyrically why you think say rappers dey gbess
Dey hala wicked
Erigga don return come
Like militant money like who go return gun
If my picture no dey under your girl pillow naim be say she crest my name for her dildo
Ah leave warri come lekki because of bar
You think say ah come here cun count the roundabout??
School of hardness forget say we graduate
Them still dey throw us the school fee
So wey you wey
No be you suffer pass
We na old warri
Kill lizard pick nkokolo follow dirty
Na we dey make our toys mumsy no dey buy
Like who wan wear suit
Wait make ah knack one time
Omo mehn
Ee no easy
You wan rap
Cun rap this one ah dey rap na
Comot your leg for high tension

About Hold Up

Released 2017
Duration 03:20
Artist(s) Erigga
Genre Afrobeats

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