Kusina Mai


Kusina Mai

Wanitwa Mos, Master KG & Jah Prayzah

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Wanitwa Mos Entertainment presents a captivating new single featuring Master KG and Jah Prayzah, titled “Kusina Mai.”

“Kusina Mai” is a poignant and touching song that carries a heartfelt message, dedicated to African individuals residing in foreign countries. It emphasizes the unwavering connection to Africa as their homeland, reminding them that the strength and vitality they possess are rooted in the African soil. The song's essence is a reminder to never stray far from where your mother, Africa, resides.

The track seamlessly weaves together elements of Afrobeat, Afro-house, and traditional African rhythms, resulting in a dynamic and entrancing musical experience.

T.I. release follows their previous collaboration, ‘Thando,’ featuring Master KG and Lowsheen, showcasing the artists' commitment to creating impactful and resonant music.

About Kusina Mai

Released 2023
Duration 06:03
Artist(s) Wanitwa Mos, Master KG & Jah Prayzah
Genre Afrobeats

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