I Have a Reason


I Have a Reason

Chinyere Udoma

From the EP
Wind of Glory

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"I Have a Reason" is a profound and uplifting track from the EP "Wind of Glory" by Sis. Chinyere Udoma. With a runtime of 23 minutes and 8 seconds, T.I. song carries a powerful message of gratitude, praise, and a firm belief in God's faithfulness.

"I Have a Reason" is a heartfelt declaration of thanksgiving and praise to God for His goodness and faithfulness in the life of the singer. Through heartfelt lyrics and Sis. Chinyere Udoma's soulful vocals, the song expresses deep appreciation for the countless blessings received and the unending love of God.

The song reminds listeners that no matter the circumstances or challenges faced, there is always a reason to be grateful and rejoice. It encourages believers to reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of God in their lives and to offer heartfelt worship and praise in response.

The uplifting melodies and harmonies, accompanied by a blend of traditional and contemporary musical elements, create a joyous and celebratory atmosphere throughout "I Have a Reason." The song invites listeners to join in the celebration of God's faithfulness and to share in the joyous declaration that they have a reason to praise Him.

"I Have a Reason" serves as a reminder that even in the midst of trials and tribulations, God's love and faithfulness remain constant. It encourages listeners to focus on the blessings received, both big and small, and to acknowledge God's hand in their lives. The song inspires gratitude, faith, and a renewed sense of hope in the hearts of all who listen.

Through "I Have a Reason," Sis. Chinyere Udoma invites believers to embrace a posture of thanksgiving and praise, recognizing that their lives are filled with countless reasons to glorify God. The song is a testament to the singer's unwavering faith and serves as an anthem of praise for all who resonate with its powerful message.

With its powerful lyrics, captivating melodies, and heartfelt delivery, "I Have a Reason" stands as a standout track on the "Wind of Glory" EP, inviting listeners to join in the joyful celebration of God's faithfulness and goodness.

About I Have a Reason

Released 2014
Duration 23:09
Artist(s) Chinyere Udoma
Genre Gospel
Songwriter(s) Sis Chinyere Udoma
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