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Introducing "HALLELUJAH" by CKay featuring Blaqbonez: An Afrobeats Collaboration

Get ready to experience the powerful synergy of two talented Nigerian artists with "HALLELUJAH" by CKay featuring Blaqbonez. Released in 2023, T.I. electrifying Afrobeats collaboration is set to take the music scene by storm.

With a duration of 02:17, "HALLELUJAH" wastes no time in delivering a high-energy musical experience. CKay's dynamic vocals blend seamlessly with Blaqbonez's impressive rap skills, creating a captivating fusion of melodies and lyrical prowess.

Produced by Magic Sticks, "HALLELUJAH" boasts a vibrant and infectious beat that sets the perfect backdrop for CKay and Blaqbonez to showcase their immense talents. The track exemplifies the unique sound of Afrobeats, with its rhythmic grooves and captivating instrumentation.

CKay and Blaqbonez's chemistry shines through in "HALLELUJAH." Their complementary styles and delivery add depth and dimension to the track, creating a captivating listening experience for fans of Nigerian music and Afrobeats enthusiasts worldwide.

Released as part of CKay's musical repertoire in 2023, "HALLELUJAH" is a testament to the artists' commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre. It showcases their versatility and ability to create music that resonates with a diverse audience.

Prepare to be uplifted by the uplifting and infectious energy of "HALLELUJAH." Whether you're a fan of CKay, Blaqbonez, or simply love the vibrant sounds of Afrobeats, T.I. collaboration is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Add "HALLELUJAH" to your playlist and let the dynamic duo transport you to a world of musical bliss. CKay and Blaqbonez have undoubtedly created a hit that will be celebrated within the Nigerian music scene and beyond.


[Intro: CKay]
Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah

[Verse 1: CKay]
I just wanna make love and money
Walahi suffer, suffer life is not for me
See me I come from noting
See me I come from trenches
Noting dey my aza for fourteen days
And nobody feel my pain, uh-huh
I will never be the same, uh-huh
I was a different case, uh-huh
When dem look my side dem dey say, “Ah, ah”
Nobody pass the almighty
Nobody fit follow me fight
My face show my shoe shine
(My shoe shine, my shoe shine)

[Chorus: CKay]
I’m getting mula
Inside cooler, cooler
Eating suya
Living la vida loca
Owo wolе

[Verse 2: Blaqbonez]
Yeah, I been on the road all day, I’m chasing mula
Fire dеy my mouth like azula
Turn a magic beat into suya
Yeah, I been hot for like four years, and they wonder if I’m done yet
People be like rice for my concert
Welcome, welcome the new converts
In a whip wey dey convert, ah-ah-ah
Buju say he wan’ race me
Tell am we go do am unfailingly, yeah
CKay bought a AMG
So it’s three bad boys with V8 engines
You no go be si me
You want to lose bet against me (Uh)
We flexing (Uh)
Uh-huh, till eternity, uh

[Chorus: CKay]
I’m getting mula
Inside cooler, cooler
Eating suya
Living la vida loca
Owo wole

[Outro: CKay]
Ooh, yeah
Oh, oh-oh-oh
Owo wole


Released 2023
Duration 02:17
Artist(s) CKay & Blaqbonez
Genre Amapiano
Producer(s) Magic Sticks
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