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Get the Info

Phyno & Falz

From the album
Deal With It

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"Get the Info" is a song by Nigerian rapper Phyno, featuring Falz and Phenom. It was released in 2019 as part of Phyno's album "Deal With It". The song is a critical commentary on the state of Nigeria, with the three rappers rapping about the country's problems, such as corruption, poverty, and poor governance.

The song starts with Phyno rapping about how he is tired of the status quo in Nigeria. He raps about how the country is "not working" and how the people are "suffering". He then calls out the government, rapping about how they are "corrupt" and "incompetent".

Falz then comes in and raps about his own experiences with the Nigerian government. He raps about how he has been "robbed" by the government and how he has been "denied" opportunities because of his background. He then calls on the people to "rise up" and "demand change".

Phenom then comes in and raps about the Future of Nigeria. He raps about how he believes that Nigeria can be a great country, but that it needs to "change". He then calls on the people to "work together" and "build a better Nigeria".

Phyno Get the Info Lyrics

Boys don the track you come house
They don get the info
Na when you call mopol you'll know say you no get hero
No security no light
Poverty so high
Buh You no need to worry just as long as you know Christ

Envelop your tithe o
Make the offering right eh
Send the package eh
Kofun brother to wo white
You pack Mercedes right here
Big boys get dreams but they woke up to night mare
Young ladies with no means
Big daddy hold keys
Big daddy no go help if e no get in those the jeans
Big jeep big mansion e no come with no consequence
That's why them the chop
They no stop them get confidence
That's why them the do us wayo
They dey fraudulent

Get the info
Get the info
Get the info

About Get the Info

Released 20
Duration 03:10
Artist(s) Phyno & Falz
Genre Afrobeats

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