Police (Skit)


Police (Skit)

2Baba & Innocent Idibia

From the album
Face 2 Face

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"Police (Skit)" by 2Baba formerly known as 2face Idibia is a short skit that appears on his 2004 album, Face 2 Face. The skit features a fictional police officer who is corrupt and abusive. The skit is a commentary on the state of the Nigerian police force, which is often accused of corruption, brutality, and extrajudicial killings.

2Baba Police (Skit) Lyrics

Oh boy, oh boy, stop, stop, stop, oh boy, oh boy, stop, oh
Come, be like, na police be that?
No, no, na, na armed-robber
Boy, you sure? Be like na police, oh
Oh boy, oh boy, na armed-robber be that, na armed-robber
Wait, you sure say no be police be that?
Oh boy, wait, wait, oh boy, na armed-robber
In short, these days sef we no dey too sure again

About Police (Skit)

Released 2004
Duration 00:27
Artist(s) 2Baba & Innocent Idibia
Genre Afrobeats
Label Hypertek Digital

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