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Yeah, ayy
Yeah, ayy, yeah, yeah
Yeah, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy
I'm like "Bitch, who is your man's?", ayy
Can't keep my dick in my pants, ayy
My bitch don't love me no more, ayy
She kick me out I'm like "Vro", ayy
That bitch don't wanna be friends, ayy
I gave her dick, she amen, ayy
She put her tongue on my dick, ayy
Look at my wrist, about ten, ayy
Just got a pound of that boof, ayy
Brought that shit straight to the booth, ayy
Tommy my Hilfiger voots, ayy
She said, "Wan' fuck?" Bitch, I do, ayy
You put a gun on my mans, ayy
I put a hole in your parents, ayy
I just got lean on my Ksubis, ayy
I got an Uzi, no Uzi
Fuck on me, look at me, ayy
Fuck on me, yeah, look at me, ayy
Look at me, look at me, yeah
Fuck on me, yeah, ayy
Look at me, yeah, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me, yeah
Look at me, fuck on me
Yeah, ayy
Tell ya fuckin' nigga voot me up, pipe up
Ayy, shouts out Bans and them, ayy
I took a white bitch to Starbucks
That little bitch got her throat fucked
I like to rock out, I'm misfit
My emo bitch like her wrist slit
Curly hair, bitch, like I'm Corbin
Got like three bitches, I'm mormon
Skeet on your main bitch's forehead
Don't want your pussy, just want head
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, yuh, ayy
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, yuh

About Look At Me!

Released February 20, 2017
Duration 02:06
Genre Hip-Hop
Views 350
Downloads 72


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