Diddy - What’s Love (feat. Nova Wav)


What’s Love

Diddy & Nova Wav

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Diddy's song "What's Love (feat. Nova Wav)" is a soulful hip-hop ballad that explores the nature of love. The song was released in 2023 as part of Diddy's fifth studio album, The Love Album: Off the Grid.

The song begins with a haunting piano intro, which sets the tone for the reflective lyrics that follow. Diddy and Nova Wav take turns singing about the different aspects of love, from its passionate beginnings to its enduring depths.

Diddy raps about the feeling of being so in love that you can "drown" in it, while Nova Wav sings about the spiritual connection that can exist between two lovers. The song also addresses the challenges of love, such as the need to compromise and the pain that can come from heartbreak.

Ultimately, "What's Love" is a song about the power of love to transform our lives. It is a reminder that love is worth the risk, even when it is difficult.

About What’s Love

Released 2023
Duration 03:14
Artist(s) Diddy & Nova Wav
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap

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