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"Wifey" is a highlife song about a man who is in love with his wife. The song's lyrics talk about how the man is grateful for his wife and how she makes him happy. The song also expresses the man's commitment to his wife and his desire to be with her forever.

The song is performed by Anyidons and Raybekah, two Nigerian highlife musicians. Anyidons's vocals are smooth and soulful, while Raybekah's vocals are more energetic and upbeat. The song's instrumentation features a variety of traditional African instruments, such as the kora, the talking drum, and the guitar.

The song "Wifey" is a feel-good anthem that is sure to put a smile on your face. It is a celebration of love and marriage.

About Wifey

Released 2022
Duration 02:34
Artist(s) Anyidons & Raybekah
Genre HighLife
Label Onye Ichaka Global and RKO/Unique Records.

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