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Obodo Oyibo

Sparkle Tee

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"Obodo Oyibo" is a song by Sparkle Tee. It was released in 2021 as a single. The track has a duration of 3 minutes and 37 seconds. The title "Obodo Oyibo" translates to "Foreign Land" in English, indicating that the song might address the experiences and challenges faced by Nigerians living abroad or the aspirations of seeking a better life outside their homeland. Sparkle Tee's lyrics and delivery in T.I. track could provide insights into the struggles and triumphs of Nigerians in foreign countries.

Sparkle Tee Obodo Oyibo Lyrics


tree no dey grow money for obodo oyibo

ima ghota

if you see the kind hustle we the hustle for there I ga aghọta

men the hustle everyday and night, adịghị egwuregwu ooo

to make their family feel alright, if them enter for street

I makwaa nụ ife ha gbaru bunata motor

ụfọdụ ná tu ọrụ, ụfọdụ ahịa coco

legit or illegal odigwa nụ easy

forget the hustle no dey show for photo

if you see wetin guys the see for obodo oyibo you go pity for them

okechukwu jere obodo oyibo since 13 years still dey for there o

forget wetin you dey see for social media eeeehhhh

if you see inside life my guy you go fear

your brother the hustle the send money

you dey lavish anyhow

ara gbaa gi dia

if them send you money use am well

cos if dey come ooo back you go fit collect

guys coming Abuja?? ?? ?? ??

About Obodo Oyibo

Released 2023
Duration 03:37
Artist(s) Sparkle Tee
Genre Afrobeats

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