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Erigga, whose real name is Erhiga Agarivbie, is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter. He is known for his unique style of rap which incorporates vivid storytelling and addresses social issues prevalent in his hometown of Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. Erigga gained widespread recognition with his critically acclaimed album "A T.I. to The South," released in 2017.

"Ghetto Prayers" is one of the notable tracks from Erigga's album. The song showcases Erigga's Lyrical prowess as he delves into the struggles and realities of life in the ghetto. Through his poignant and thought-provoking lyrics, he highlights the challenges faced by individuals growing up in impoverished environments and emphasizes the importance of perseverance and prayer in overcoming adversity.

"A T.I. to The South" is Erigga's second studio album, following his debut album "Okorowanta" released in 2012. The album features collaborations with notable Nigerian artists such as Duncan Mighty, Skales, and Orezi. It received positive reviews from music critics and further solidified Erigga's status as one of Nigeria's most talented and socially conscious rappers.

Erigga Ghetto Prayers Lyrics

Ghetto Prayers
Song by Erigga

Jah Jehovah oh men
Erigga dey yan
On behalf of all my street boys mehn
We dey look up to you say na you fit deliver
Us comot for this one wey we dey right now mehn
For the street no friendly at all
Jah jiya lizha Oluwa
Oba olu eh eh eh
The street no friendly at all i swear
Wa se gu water fun awon omo re
Ki aiye le sa mo
A trip to the south
Wa ko omo re soke Jehovah na your hand I dey
Jah ji aiye Jah Oluwa Oluwa nah your hand I dey
Oba olu eh eh na your hand I dey
Na your hand I dey Oluwa
Wa se gu waater fun awon omo re
Ki aiye le sa mo ki aiye le
Wa ko omo re soke
Jah Jehovah
Na Erigga dey yarn
Dem say village wey be say the only baber
Make lion make all the goat ready to dey train afro
We get many things wey we need to iron
But first pass me that make I blow
Day don break baba God how e dey be
We no ey happy naim make us dey press lappi
Na brand new G Wagon naim we wan tear
Kofi nada kofi Shina Peller go fear
The only problem wey we get na japa police
As I dey rap dey hold two of my boys like this
Na real life be this
No be mbc two
Come warri go see wetin these beast dey do
Government nah hk police nah pickup
Things dey pay for this country I no fit talk
No light for my AC my gen don spoil
Na the heat naim I convert to dey use right here wey you dey hear
Jah ji aiye jah Oluwa
Oba olu eh eh
Wa se gun water fun omo re elija
Wa gbe omo re soke
Jah ji aiye jah oluwa
Oba olu eh eh
Wa se gun water fun omo re elija
Wa gbe omo re soke
Depression is real and real niggas dey rare
So baba God wetin I still dey do here
Voice for my head dey say lagoon lagoon
I for like jump but police go dey there this afternoon
Skeletons for my closet iffa hear
Na my parlor dem follow me sidon now dey cut beer
The fact say you dey hate dey turn my belle
'Cause you a rat you a pussy so my dearen
Help me out wetin my brother dusat
Why dem dey ve anything we pas with x class
Night don reach how person waan go flex
The one wey dey rain pon pon dey get pos
Some even dey lodge for hotel dey form loader
Ring gasser come my brother no try am
Baba God bless my brothers wey dey press
Middle finger to the sars wey no wan let dem rest
Dey oppress hq just because you fresh
Under AC dey blast Erriga latest
After this jam I fit no go warri again
But who dem help fuck them an their warri again
Jah ji aiye jah Oluwa
Oba olu eh eh
Wa se gun water fun omo re elija
Wa gbe omo re soke
Jah ji aiye jah Oluwa
Oba olu eh eh
Wa se gun water fun omo re elija
Wa gbe omo re soke

About Ghetto Prayers

Released 2017
Duration 03:36
Artist(s) Erigga
Genre Afrobeats

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