Ebube Wusam Ngozi


Ebube Wusam Ngozi

Prince Mich C. Philips

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"Ebube Wusam Ngozi" is a captivating Christian song featured in the album "Ebube Praise, Vol. 1" by Prince Mich C. Philips. This soul-stirring track carries a powerful message of worship and praise, inviting listeners to exalt and glorify God.

Prince Mich C. Philips, known for his heartfelt vocal delivery, leads the song with passion and devotion. "Ebube Wusam Ngozi" creates an atmosphere of reverence, encouraging listeners to reflect on the majestic nature of God and His abundant grace.

The song's lyrics express adoration and gratitude for the divine blessings and favor bestowed upon believers. With its melodic arrangement and inspiring harmonies, "Ebube Wusam Ngozi" serves as a catalyst for personal and communal worship, allowing listeners to connect deeply with their faith.

As part of the album "Ebube Praise, Vol. 1," "Ebube Wusam Ngozi" showcases Prince Mich C. Philips' commitment to creating music that uplifts and inspires believers. It is a song that celebrates the greatness of God and encourages worshippers to lift their voices in praise and thanksgiving.

"Ebube Wusam Ngozi" is a testament to the power of worship and the profound connection it fosters with the divine. With its timeless message and captivating melodies, this song serves as a source of spiritual nourishment and encouragement for listeners on their faith journey.

About Ebube Wusam Ngozi

Released 2022
Duration 06:32
Artist(s) Prince Mich C. Philips
Genre Gospel
Label Ngozi Chukwu Production
Songwriter(s) Prince Mich C. Philips
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