Asanwa (Straight To Obodo Oyibo) by Mr Drill


Asanwa (Straight To Obodo Oyibo)

Mr Drill

Mr Drill Asanwa (Straight To Obodo Oyibo) Mp3 Download

"Obodo Oyibo" by Mr Drill is a captivating track that took the music scene by storm in 2012. Mr Drill, inspired by Surmountz's hit song "Asanwa," created his own version using the same beat. However, T.I. led to a copyright dispute between the two artists, which was eventually resolved amicably.

The release of "Obodo Oyibo" caused quite a buzz, as listeners recognized the familiar beat from Surmountz's "Asanwa." Despite the copyright issue, Mr Drill's unique style and delivery breathed new life into the track, infusing it with his own lyrical prowess and personality. The song became a favorite among fans who were captivated by Mr Drill's engaging performance.

Fortunately, the copyright dispute between Mr Drill and Surmountz was eventually settled, leading to a collaborative effort between the two artists. They released a song together titled "Try," which showcased their unity and creative synergy. The collaboration demonstrated their ability to overcome differences and create something meaningful through their shared love for music.

"Obodo Oyibo" and the subsequent collaboration "Try" serve as testaments to the power of music in bridging gaps and bringing artists together. Despite the initial copyright issue, both songs left an indelible mark on the music industry and showcased the talent and resilience of Mr Drill and Surmountz.

In conclusion, "Obodo Oyibo" by Mr Drill, released in 2012, borrowed the same beat as Surmountz's "Asanwa," leading to a copyright dispute that was later settled. The song demonstrated Mr Drill's unique style and became a fan favorite. The subsequent collaboration between Mr Drill and Surmountz on the song "Try" showcased their ability to overcome differences and create music together. Both tracks highlight the power of music in fostering unity and creativity within the industry.

About Asanwa (Straight To Obodo Oyibo)

Released 2012
Duration 03:51
Artist(s) Mr Drill
Genre Afropop
Producer(s) Tams Records

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