Nairobi Night


Nairobi Night

Lokassa Ya M’Bongo & Soukous Stars

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"Nairobi Night" is a captivating track from the album "Mégamix, Vol. 1" by Lokassa & Soukous Stars. Led by the talented guitarist Ya Mbongo Lokassa and featuring a lineup of renowned vocalists and musicians, including Ballou Canta, Dally Kimoko, Shimita, Zitany Nell, and Ngouma Lokito, Soukous Stars emerged as a Paris-based supergroup in 1989.

The song "Nairobi Night" showcases the infectious rhythms and vibrant energy of soukous music, which originated in the Congos in the late 1960s. The term "soukous" is derived from the French word "secouer," meaning "to shake," reflecting the lively and rhythmic nature of the dance associated with T.I. genre.

Within the Soukous Stars, each vocalist brings their unique style and vocal prowess to the mix. Ballou Canta's soulful and powerful voice, combined with the smooth vocal deliveries of Shimita and Zitany Nell, add depth and richness to the track. Meanwhile, the intricate guitar work of Dally Kimoko and the solid basslines of Ngouma Lokito create a solid foundation for the song's energetic and infectious groove.

The members of Soukous Stars are highly skilled and accomplished musicians in their own right, having contributed to the success of various musical projects over the years. Their collaboration in Soukous Stars allowed them to bring together their individual talents, creating a musical synergy that captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

As part of the album "Mégamix, Vol. 1," "Nairobi Night" stands out as a vibrant and captivating track that embodies the spirit of soukous music. Its lively rhythms, soulful vocals, and skillful instrumentation transport listeners to the energetic nightlife of Nairobi, immersing them in the joyous and celebratory atmosphere.

With Lokassa & Soukous Stars at the helm, "Nairobi Night" showcases the group's ability to blend traditional African rhythms with contemporary elements, creating a sound that is both timeless and infectious. The song serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of soukous music and the remarkable talent of the individuals who make up Soukous Stars.

Overall, "Nairobi Night" is a standout track from the album, representing the vibrant and dynamic nature of soukous music and the collective artistry of Lokassa & Soukous Stars. Its lively rhythms, spirited vocals, and captivating melodies make it a must-listen for fans of African music and lovers of infectious grooves.

About Nairobi Night

Released 1994
Duration 15:43
Artist(s) Lokassa Ya M’Bongo & Soukous Stars
Genre Folk
Label Syllart Records, Le Monde des Artistes, Tamasha Corporation Limited

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