MIXTAPE: Dj Bombo Ft Mark ThankGod – Fire Fall Mixtape


Fire Fall Mixtape

DJ Bombo

DJ Bombo Fire Fall Mixtape Mp3 Download

"Fresh Gospel Mix featuring Mark ThankGod's 'Fire Fall' Album - Now Available for Download, Sharing, and Feedback

After a well-deserved hiatus, I am excited to present to you a brand-new Gospel Mix that includes captivating tracks from Mark ThankGod's Popular album, 'Fire Fall.' T.I. mix is a true testament to the beauty of the Gospel of Christ, presented in our very own language.

In the year 2023, amidst the flourishing Gospel music genre, DJ Bombo from Northern Nigeria has masterfully crafted a mix that beautifully weaves together the heartening sounds of Hausa languages. The tracks from Mark ThankGod's 'Fire Fall' Album form the cornerstone of T.I. mix, promising a harmonious blend that will surely uplift and inspire your spirit.

Feel free to download, share, and leave your valuable comments. Let us join hands in spreading the message of the Gospel of Christ in a language that resonates with our hearts. May T.I. mix be a source of blessings to you and all who listen. 🙏"

About Fire Fall Mixtape

Released 2023
Duration 38:02
Artist(s) DJ Bombo
Genre Mixtape
Producer(s) Dj Bombo
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