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He Said

Nasty C

From the EP

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He Said" is a song by South African rapper Nasty C. It was released on April 4, 2014, as the second single from his debut extended play (EP), C L.A.M.E. The song was produced by South African record producer Gemini Major.

The song is a hip hop track with elements of trap music. The lyrics of the song are about Nasty C's journey to success, and how he has overcome obstacles to get to where he is today. The song is a motivational anthem for anyone who is struggling to achieve their dreams.

"He Said" was a commercial success in South Africa. It reached number one on the South African iTunes chart, and it was certified gold by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA). The song was also nominated for Best Hip Hop Song at the 2015 South African Music Awards.

Nasty C He Said Lyrics

Ayy, nigga!
Vibin', I'm chillin'
This just me being me on behalf of me, nothing else, ayy

I'm ready to do whatever it takes to be a G
Even though I'm not required much being me
The people that believe in me or Nasty C just have to see what I see inside of me
It's a curse that can't be defeat
E-D in my feet
Lead me to a place no one can figure out
Try to trespass I press shit that takes a nigga out
I only give respect to thе people that earn it
And with this blеssed crack, I bless the people that heard it
My goal and motive is to motivate people whether they black or white
Tryna get your finances right, setting your damn chest alight
Tryna rearrange the order of living we fitting in
The picture not painted by our creator, that must be a sin
Isn't that a sin?
Am I supposed to stand out?
Even with me standing out is just too embarrassing
I guess I gotta be embarrassed til I get it right
People my age and laughing and pointing like "Nigga, get a life"
Well I don't want it if it's gonna last for five seconds and have to sign with the devil, that's just a life sentence
Yeah I'm sure, you ain't heard me say "I-D-K"
'Cause I'm certain that I'll be rappin' til I decay
It comes naturally, see this is real for me
When Mish took me in it was more than a deal for me
Selling beats that got me on the road
Follow the rainbow through the mist of smoke and see the pot is not really made of gold
This shit is more to me than that
The only thing I do and get emotionally attached
Yeah it's more to me than that
I was just being real with you, it wasn't supposed to be a track
You have now stepped into my damn mind field
Now try to feel what I feel

About He Said

Released 2014
Duration 02:16
Artist(s) Nasty C
Genre Hip-Hop
Label Def Jam Recordings, Tall Racks Records, Def Jam Africa, Universal Music Africa
Producer(s) Nasty C
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