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The song has been interpreted in many different ways by listeners. Some people see it as a song about lust and desire, while others see it as a song about the dark side of human nature. Ultimately, the meaning of the song is up to the individual listener to decide.

The song has been praised for its dark, atmospheric sound and ZSA's powerful vocals. It has also been a commercial success, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

SZA Percolator Lyrics

Say you got love for me
Say you don't mind that we don't really fuck a lot
I-I-I-I just wanna smoke a little
Then take off all my makeup, so we can touch a little
Don't really rush a lot
I keep anxiety
Thank you for waiting anyway
Don't really trust a lot
I keep a side of me under wraps, uh
I wanna be a percolator ('lator)
Na-na-na-na-na, na-na
I gots to be a live wire

About Percolator

Released 2017
Duration 01:24
Artist(s) SZA
Genre RnB/Soul
Label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) and RCA Records

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