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Best Rapper


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The PlayMaker

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"Best Rapper" is a song by Nigerian rapper Phyno. It was released in 2016 as the fifth track on his album The PlayMaker. The song was produced by Phyno himself and Major Bangz.

The song is a boastful rap in which Phyno asserts his dominance as the best rapper in Nigeria. He raps about his Lyrical skills, his ability to freestyle, and his success in the music industry. He also takes shots at other rappers, calling them "mediocre" and "wannabes."

The song was a commercial success, reaching number 10 on the Billboard Nigeria Top 100 chart. It was also a critical success, with many critics praising Phyno's rapping skills and Major Bangz's production.

Here are some of the lyrics from the song:

"I'm the best rapper in Nigeria, I don't need your validation, I've been doing T.I. for years, And I'm still going strong."

"I can freestyle for hours, I can write a song in minutes, I'm a Lyrical genius, And I'm not afraid to show it."

"I'm not a mediocre rapper, I'm not a wannabe, I'm the real deal, And I'm here to stay."

"Best Rapper" is a confident and boastful rap that showcases Phyno's skills as a rapper. It is a celebration of his success and a challenge to other rappers to step up their game.


Phyno Best Rapper Lyrics

Hei ho hei ho hei ho
Hei ho hei ho
Kuo pa, udo gba shoe
Udo gba shoe, udo gba shoe
Kuo pa, udo gba shoe
Udo gba shoe, udo gba shoe

Ya! Man on fire kama buzi bovi
And am flaming everywhere even ma na jersey
Adim big ma still ndi ibe m n'asi na adim lucky
E mee m ya over and over ngwa gwa mu kee ife irozi
Hold on
All this niggas pray I run down am on time
Ha adi afudi mu Am a ghost boy (ghost boy)
The boy awa go see am along gone with the long gun
You know you messing with the wrong toy

I tell them i don't wanna be the best rapper
Am just happy am recognized I flow proper
Dad said be the best in what you do and
Since rapping is what I do, then fuck it am his best rapper

Ndi anya ufu na acho igbanye m kapusu
Ha sii na atego m bido tawa m nye ha efe kaha taru tu
Mana ha amaro na way nwoke jii a hustle kazi nku
Nwoke nwere ohere kpo puo the ohere kam kporo ntu
Respect to the great but ain't nobody fuckin' with me
E gbuli go m the game maka n na egbu ya definitely
Nwanne e seti go m the standard na a rock every countdown
Mana i juo ha ga asi gi na Phyno a worth tu lo ya
Tell that shii to the birds
Hapu okwu i dey yarn knowledge
Na e school umu aka a ka mu e nwere college
Asi na mmadu bu chukwu ha ka ezigago m village
Am destined to shine ka etere m shoe polish

Ha tinyere their 1's
I put my 2's on it
And okwu daharia, i put my goons on it
E bum the game na my hand ha akpo ya hand luggage
Ma na ndi bu nke kari rim na acho igba m shortage (ku pu)

My fans say that am the best rapper
But am just happy am recognized I flow proper
I don't even get a time for this competition
Legendary - I am the definition
Heh! Nwa nka na enye ha heart attack
With onuma 50 ka sign m to say the aftermath
O mu dere ede o mu dere ha ncha bu copy cat
Send half forever my niggah that's not enough to die

Freeze! Nigga please take it easy
E che na ife anyi na esi bu beans
Odi kwanu easy?
I ma na ugwu anyi riri di high odikwa risky
Now am getting high on this flow odim tipsy
Am a beast with the flow let it be known
Ha amaro ka m si buru the game mee ya my own
Any beat m meturu aka nwanne nnapu ya soul
Kill every feature am on the boy on a roll, but damn!

I don't wanna be the best rapper
Adim okay ha ekwenyego that I flow proper
But fuck you if you thinking you the best rapper
Egwuregwu m na eyi ha ujo ka obu zi fear factor
Its high time that I show these boys that am on a new chapter
Time anyi ga ama who is real and who is a cool doctor
Respect to every niggah hustling for their green pasture
Its real life and you're the only [?] to get dough oh
I just wanna sell shows all the pretty ladies screaming hello

Yeah, just know that I speak from the heart
Ndi iro na agba izu ka ha do mu part
Mana maru na ife nile m kwuru na egwu abu a fact
Nowadays people step on you and wait for you to react
But I keep telling them hear them please don't real my high
What you smoke can't make me high
Who you fuck can't make me com
What you twist can't make me turn
What you flame can't make me burn
Nigga am not done

I no ebe i na acho world wide stage
E lose oh the local stage still won't to be called international
Amam na eziokwu na afu ufu don't take this personal
You can learn from this nwa your chances di optional
Ma osiro gi na obi nwa hold your applause (Better hold that)
Gimme the money hold your award (Better hold that)
I just wanna see my future be assured
Now I did more and my music banging abroad
But ama do the most
Picked up my culture sold it from coast to coast
Umu afo kwum na azu gimme love overdose
This is a simple math
It's a game of it and I've been doing that
One album akpo m a legend I've been moving fast
Oma ako mu ka fada okwa mu na akaru ha mass

Men nu siri m nwanne never you joke with your last card
Man of the year after the year nigga
Ichota m nga ebunye kwa gi akpo na trail nigga
Just ma ru na doing this is not the thing nigga
Word from this thing nigga.. Ish!

About Best Rapper

Released 2016
Duration 04:35
Artist(s) Phyno
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