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Each His Own


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To Each His Own: T.I. introspective track reflects on the concept of individuality and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. "To Each His Own" showcases Akon's thought-provoking lyrics and introspective delivery, inviting listeners to embrace their own paths and identities.

Akon Each His Own Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Everybody walks in different directions
Whole world's running to each his own
It's a place that justifies it all
And nobody's ever wrong
I guess we got agreed to disagree
Even if we say it in the same song
You can try to change your life that don't wanna be true
If we all see eye to eye, whole world will be grey

So let's keep running
To each his own
If we all keep running
Then we can toast
To each his own
And we'll be alright
And we'll be alright


[Verse 2]
Everybody wants for success for whatever that is
The world world's running for each his own
It's a place where the truth stays in the line
Cause nobody ever lies
And we follow our hearts into the night
Wake up, thank God to be alive
You can try to save a life that don't wanna be saved
If we all see eye to eye, the world will be grey


I am who I am
You are who you are
I could wish on the clouds
And you could wish on the stars
We could be alright
We'll be alright
We'll be alright


About Each His Own

Released 2014
Duration 03:39
Artist(s) Akon
Genre pop
Label Konvict Muzik

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