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"Spiritual" is a high-energy dance track about the power of spirituality. The song's title is a reference to the fact that the artists believe that spirituality is the key to success and happiness.

The song's lyrics are about the importance of staying connected to your spiritual side, even in the face of adversity. The song's production is upbeat and danceable, with a catchy hook that is sure to get stuck in your head. Oluwa kuwait's and Victor AD's vocals are smooth and confident, and they deliver the lyrics with a lot of passion.

"Spiritual" is a feel-good song that is sure to appeal to fans of Afrobeats and dance music. It is a song about the power of faith and the importance of staying positive.

Oluwa kuwait Spiritual Lyrics

Spiritual ft. Victor AD - Oluwa Kuwait


Oluwa Kuwait ft victor ad


Oluwa Kuwait ooo

Spiritual ahh

We highly spiritual ahhh

(40days and 40night) of fasting no fit take u to heaven”

If you get zero love for heart you still worst pass devil’

Red eye drop a banger with Kuwait ooo

This another level eee

If I talk am u can’t relate this is not on your level

You only Deny me today

God oxygen and water

If you no say you no connect

make you park your load and waka because we highly spiritual ahh””

Spiritual ahh

Me and my guys we spiritual ahh (we spiritual)

I say we highly spiritual ahh

Me and my niggas spiritual Ahh

I no fuck with another man thing”

I no put eye for another man thing”

I no fuck with another man if no be my thing then no be my thing

Cover my eye’s from bad engry ee

I no Dey fuck with the wrong engry ee

My nigga stay with the right engry

If you want engry you go see engry

I Dey my lane I no send anything ee

I give them doctor I give them medicine ee

When in the morning night fall for night

If you woke up see light make you thank god for life

You only only deny me today

God oxygen and water

If you no say you no connect make you park your load and waka

About Spiritual

Released 2021
Duration 02:57
Artist(s) Oluwa kuwait & Victor AD
Genre Afrobeats

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