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Asanwa (Straight To Obodo Oyibo)


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Surmountz presents "Asanwa," a sensational hit song that captivated audiences back in 2011. Hailing from Port Harcourt, Surmountz brought his unique musical style to the forefront, delivering a memorable track that continues to resonate with listeners today.

Released under the Bobby Nyems Music label, "Asanwa" quickly gained popularity and became a chart-topper. The song's infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and energetic beats contributed to its success and enduring appeal. Surmountz's captivating vocals and charismatic delivery added an extra layer of charm to the track, making it a favorite among music lovers.

The music video for "Asanwa" was skillfully directed by DJ Spencer, showcasing Surmountz's performance prowess and capturing the essence of the song. The visual elements complemented the vibrant and lively nature of the track, enhancing the overall impact of the song on its audience.

Despite being released in 2011, "Asanwa" has stood the test of time and continues to resonate with fans of Nigerian music. Its catchy rhythm and relatable lyrics have ensured its longevity, solidifying its status as a timeless hit.

In conclusion, "Asanwa" by Surmountz, released in 2011, remains a popular and banging hit song from Port Harcourt. Under the Bobby Nyems Music label and directed by DJ Spencer, the track showcased Surmountz's talent and became an instant favorite among music enthusiasts. Its enduring appeal and continued popularity are a testament to the captivating melodies and energetic delivery that made "Asanwa" a hit back then and still keeps it banging today.

About Asanwa (Straight To Obodo Oyibo)

Released 2011
Duration 03:49
Artist(s) Surmountz
Genre Afropop
Label Bobby Nyems Music

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