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Patoranking is a Nigerian reggae-dancehall artist known for his unique fusion of reggae, dancehall, and afrobeat sounds. In 2019, he released his album "Wilmer," which featured the song "Black."

"Black" is a powerful track that celebrates blackness and promotes pride in African heritage. It showcases Patoranking's distinct musical style, blending infectious rhythms with meaningful lyrics. The song's lyrics highlight the beauty and resilience of black people, emphasizing the importance of self-love and embracing one's identity.

The album "Wilmer," named after Patoranking's daughter, was released on May 24, 2019. It features a mix of reggae, dancehall, and afrobeat tracks, showcasing Patoranking's versatility as an artist. The album received positive reviews and was praised for its uplifting and infectious melodies.

Patoranking's "Wilmer" album and the song "Black" further solidified his position as one of Africa's most influential reggae-dancehall artists. His music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, promoting African culture and spreading messages of love, unity, and empowerment.

Patoranking Black Lyrics


I just had a word with my forefathers
They said this would hit you hard like firecrackers
Black truth, coming from a black root
We have to go back to black, we have to put black on track

Black sold black, black scold black
Too many lies, black told black
Moving forward in life, black hold back
Black hates black, black don't rate black
Black underrates black, even some black don't wanna see some black people dey black
Black beat black, black hit black
Black cheats black, black maltreats black
Black kill black (yes), black don't feel black
When black give black, black want to steal back
Black don't support black, black extort black
Black deports black, black reports black
Black snitch black, black bewitch black
Black don't enrich black, good will, black never wish black
Black don't appreciate black, black never tolerates black
Black relegates black, that's why black currencies depreciate back
Black deceive black, black don't believe black
Black religion, black division
Lies they feed on, blocks the vision
Me do this for the next generation of black
Let my music be the truth and penetration for black
Love is the answer to the elevation of black
This new mentality, we need a new motivation for black
Black leaders you don't need to to have a bad mind
You travel abroad, you see good roads and airport, you come back and act blind
Clean water, good food, we can't find
Blackness, black richness, black excellence, black love
And black mind, that's what we want

No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love
No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love
No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love
No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love

Freedom, freedom (freedom, freedom, freedom)
Freedom, freedom
All I want is freedom, freedom (freedom, freedom, freedom)
Freedom, freedom huh

Black hating black is the reason why the growth is taunt
If I don't love you as my brother, what else do I want
Every black must have each other's back if they wanna be in front
Now let's rewrite the black love in a bold font
That's what we want, one love

About Black

Released 2019
Duration 04:08
Artist(s) Patoranking
Genre reggae fusion
Label Amari Musiq & VP Records

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