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"Lightyear" is a song by American rapper Logic. It was released as the third single from his ninth studio album, College Park (2023). The song is a hip hop track with a spacey sound, and the lyrics tell the story of someone who is searching for meaning in the universe.

Logic Lightyear Lyrics

Ayo, my voice raspy as fuck 'cause I'm thirty-one, hahaha
And I've been practicing my raps and shit
Ayo, I promise I won't never change, I'ma always stay the same
I'ma be me
I'll never change, man, I promise you, I swear
I'll never change, I'll never make music for money
You'll never catch me at the VMAs acting funny
Never on the radio on some la-di-da shit
That's the day you know I forfeit
I'ma always be the man I am and never morph it
That's the day you'll know my shit is wack 'cause I forced it
Dropped a track and some energy drink endorsed it
I'ma always be the same person that's cursing on this track
I won't ever change, I promise, I ain't never going back
Heh, yeah, you thought, motherfucker
This is what it really is, youngin'
Ayy, why you think I went pop? So my family could eat (alright)
But now that the fridge is full, it's just a pen and this beat
What you would do if it was twenty mil' or live on the street?
I guarantee your ass is rapping on a radio beat
But it was deeper than that
I used that shit to spread a message that was deeper than rap
Hid the pills in the apple sauce, deep in the trap
Tried to save the world but found out I couldn't do that
But I know I can affect it like a butterfly
Even though I know I can't protect it, deep down wonder why
And that's the reason I went mainstream, if you wonder why
To spread a message of PLP, make it worldwide
And feed my family for generations
So while you hipster motherfuckers is scared of radio stations
You played yourself, congratulations
Had a goal in my head and at twenty-nine, I hit it
Multi-million-dollar deals, Logic, yeah, we get it
So focused on the past, don't think you listen when I spit it
That kid back in the basement, he made it, he did it
And now my life is different so I rap 'bout what I know
From the basement to the mansion, there's maturity in the flow
Fuck rap, who gives a shit? I wanna see my son grow
With a fridge full of food, no wonder where the hunger went
Now I don't rap to prove myself, I pick up the pen to vent
But you people stuck in the past, probably take that as content
When your ass should just be happy I'm still giving you content
And to the fans that ain't need me to spell all this shit out
Thank you for riding with me beyond a reasonable doubt
Logic out (okay)
This feels good (Logic back)
Here we go
I've been envisioning something different, not insufficient, fuck all the bitchin', I'm on a mission
Like timing, shit is iconic, memories back in the day of the Chronic
In my lungs and in my ears, I wrote this shit with blood and tears
Thought about doing it over the years, 85 finally here
Doing this shit for the art, I'ma give 'em my heart like a high-speed collision
And I give 'em my sight as they all want vision, I'm bleeding, no, wait, I'm bleeding
I feel like rap is retreating while my hairline is receding
Which is literally the definition of what I've become
That's an oldhead, wait a minute, go 'head, I'ma go off
2019 I got wrote off, but I'm bringing it back into focus
I'm God-level, here to locust, I'm so pissed like a P.O.
Rollie gold like C3PO, and I'm busting off like R2
That's COD-level, I'm all through, now fuck you
Our boys have certainly been through a lot today
But they did it, they made it to the show
And to the next chapter of the rest of their lives
Through all the mayhem and adversity
Through all the negativity and hardship
They did it
And here they stand after the show
Radiating a message of peace, love, and positivty
The original RattPack members rejoice
Though deep down, Logic is unsure of something
Not himself or his craft
But something that's been rising to the surface
Something that would take up more space than it should in his mind
Through the next decade
Yo, that shit was crazy
For real bro, we're really on to something
Yo, what's up? Y'all tryna grab a bite to eat or something
Mm, I can't
That chick I was wrapping up and the bar finna give me a ride
If you know what I mean
Hahaha, you're fucking wild (ah, fuck)
Hell yeah, peace
Alright man, alright dawg, I'll see you
I'ma head out too, but I'll see you next weekend at Everlasting Light
Bet, alright man, I'll see you later
Well, I'ma catch a ride with OB I guess, man, I got finals tomorrow
6ix, you're lit as fuck, there's no way you're even gonna wake up
Bro, I'm Indian, we pass exams in our sleep, hahaha
Aight man, alright peace, dawg
Aight man, I'll catch you
And then there were two
Haha, here, let me unlock it
You really should be proud man
Yo bro, shit is happening
You getting shit posted on 2DopeBoyz and this song is sick
Doing some real numbers on DatPiff
Look, shit, just a year ago you were homeless
You been sleeping on my couch for like only a year
And now look what's going on
Yeah, yeah, I guess
What's wrong?
Nah, I-, I'm good-
I don't know man, I'm just, I'm excited and I'm terrified
Of what?
I love rap, you know, it's definitely a foot in the door
But I wanna do other shit too, you know
I don't wanna be on stage at fucking fifty years old
Rapping like the vein on my forehead is gonna explode
With the fucking "Get down with the, hit you with the"
Fucking fuck no, man, like
Dude, I wanna sing, I wanna play guitar, I don't wanna just play it safe
I, I'm just a little scared of what people, like
If I make it in rap, what if people expect that of me?
What if that's the image, you know, of
What Logic is or what he isn't? I don't know, I just wanna be able to-
I just wanna be able to do whatever I want
Man, just keep doing what you're doing
Keep spreading that positive message, being positive
The fans are gonna love you, man
And they're gonna love you for putting your heart and soul into this music and making honest music
As long as you keep spreading that positive message, the fans are gonna be with you
It's 2011, who knows where you'll be in ten years?
And now I'm here
Lightyears from where I was before
Mad at the world, ready to leave
I thought I had to be a certain way
I thought I had to act a certain way
I never belonged to begin with
So this is goodbye, this is farewell
To the life I know so well
I'm breaking the chains, I'm ready for change
I've been playing the same old game over and over again
So I stepped away and learned a few things
I thought I hated you 'cause I spoke on things
That you never related to, so here I found myself
It only took a lightyear to get past the bullshit
And now I'm right here, unapologetically me
And that's the idea, I wanna do it for free
And never out of fear
I don't wanna try and relive the good years
I don't wanna convince you I'm from the hood, yeah
I don't wanna talk about how good I rap, yeah
I don't wanna perpetuate none of that, yeah, it's all a trap, yeah
It took a lightyear
It took a lightyear
It took a lightyear
To find myself again

About Lightyear

Released 2023
Duration 08:19
Artist(s) Logic
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap

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