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The song "Arthur" by Rupert Gregson-Williams tells a sentimental tale of a period when the narrator was playing with his Uncle Arthur after he had recovered from a sickness. Uncle Arthur assumes the role of a commander, and they all play soldiers while Arthur controls the aircraft. The words "en passant," or in passing, in the song's lyrics imply that the recollection is a transient one. The narrator considers how much time has passed since those times with Uncle Arthur and recalls how he even tried to teach him the clarinet after 20 lessons, but the narrator eventually chose the accordion.

The song "Arthur" makes you yearn for a simpler period and feel nostalgic. The French lines' use of the term "just like that" contributes to the impression of spontaneity, as though the recollection just entered the narrator's consciousness. The usage of instruments like the clarinet and accordion, which are frequently linked to traditional music, adds a depth of nostalgia. The song beautifully expresses the conflicted emotions that arise when thinking back on a treasured memory of a loved one who may not be with us anymore but who nonetheless had a profound influence on our lives.

Rupert Gregson-Williams Arthur Lyrics

Juste après l'automne qui suivit sa guérison
Oncle Arthur et moi
On jouait aux soldats
Il avait pris les commandes de l'avion
Juste après sa guérison.
C'est un souvenir, qui vient comme ca en passant
Oncle Arthur et moi
C'est bien loin déjà.
Il m'a appris la clarinette, en vingt lecons,
J'aimais mieux l'accordéon.
Juste un souvenir comme ca.
Une image d'autrefois.

About Arthur

Released 2019
Duration 04:41
Artist(s) Rupert Gregson-Williams
Genre soundtrack music

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