Chance The Rapper – Summer Friends Ft Jeremih & Francis & The Lights


Summer Friends

Chance the Rapper, Jeremih & Francis & The Lights

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American rapper & Music stars, Chance The Rapper, Jeremih & Francis & The Lights drops a new song off his project tagged "Summer Friends"  download and share your thoughts below

Kanye West, Young Thug, Francis and the Lights, Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, Kirk Franklin, and the Chicago Children's Choir were among the musicians that worked on the project.

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Chance the Rapper Summer Friends Lyrics

[Intro: Francis & The Lights]
Ooh, ooh, ooh, incredible
My Lord, incredible
I believe

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Socks on concrete, Jolly Rancher kids
I was talkin' back and now I gotta stay at grandma's crib
Bunch of tank-top, nappy headed bike-stealin' Chatham boys
None of my niggas ain't had no dad
None of my niggas ain't have no choice
JJ, Mikey, Lil Derek and them
79th Street was America then
Ice cream truck and the beauty supply
Blockbuster movies and Harold's again
We were still catchin' lightnin' bugs when the plague hit the backyard
Had to come in at dark 'cause the big shorties act hard
Okay now, day camp at Grand Crossing
First day, niggas shootin'
Summer school get to losin' students
But the CPD getting new recruitment
Our summer don't, our summer, our summer don't get no shine no more
Our summer die, our summertime don't got no time no more
[Chorus: Chance The Rapper & Francis & The Lights]
'Cause you're my friend
Summer friends don't stay
You're my friend
Summer friends don't stay, stay around
Summer friends, summer friends
You're my friend
Summer friends don't stay
Summer friends don't stay, hey
Stay around here

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
Ooh, I used to kill 'em with the long hair
Mama hair salon doin' perms out the armchair
Dad was workin' late, he treat the crib like it's a timeshare
I would mow some lawns, fold my ones like a lawn chair, hugh, hugh
Now I'm the same way, overtime all the time, every night, hey
Ready my blessin', now I'm ready how I wait
Never let a friendship get in my way
Never let a blog get in my way
Make the whole song do whatever I say
79th, 79th, 79th, hey
79th, 79th, 79th, hey
Some of my homegirls got lost in the paperwork
They was good friends but I faked the flirt
'Cause if it ain't work, can't make it work
It's been a minute since I called on a friend
Fucked up and fucked all my friends

About Summer Friends

Released December 26, 2022
Duration 04:50
Artist(s) Chance the Rapper, Jeremih & Francis & The Lights
Genre Rap
Views 2
Downloads 5

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