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Unleashing Musical Blessings: "Blessings" by DJ Tunez ft. Wizkid & Gimba

Prepare to be showered with musical blessings as DJ Tunez teams up with Wizkid and Gimba in the captivating track "Blessings." Released in 2023, T.I. Afrobeats masterpiece is set to mesmerize listeners with its infectious rhythms and powerful collaborations.

With a duration of 03:17, "Blessings" immediately grabs your attention and takes you on a musical journey. DJ Tunez's expertly crafted production sets the stage for Wizkid's mesmerizing vocals and Gimba's dynamic presence, creating a perfect fusion of Afrobeats sounds and captivating melodies.

As a renowned DJ and producer, DJ Tunez has consistently delivered exceptional tracks that push the boundaries of Afrobeats. "Blessings" is a testament to his ability to curate remarkable collaborations and create sonic landscapes that leave a lasting impact.

The inclusion of Wizkid in "Blessings" adds an extra layer of star power to the track. Wizkid's smooth and charismatic delivery perfectly complements DJ Tunez's production, creating a harmonious blend of talent and creativity. Gimba's unique style and energetic presence add a fresh perspective, elevating the track to new heights.

Released as part of DJ Tunez's musical journey, "Blessings" represents his dedication to creating music that resonates with fans on a profound level. The track embodies the spirit of Afrobeats, with its pulsating beats, infectious melodies, and uplifting lyrics that inspire gratitude and celebration.

So, get ready to embrace the musical blessings of "Blessings" by DJ Tunez ft. Wizkid & Gimba. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the world of Afrobeats, T.I. track is guaranteed to leave you in awe. Add "Blessings" to your playlist and let the collaborative magic of DJ Tunez, Wizkid, and Gimba transport you to a realm of musical bliss. Get ready to experience the power of unity and musical brilliance.

DJ Tunez Blessings Lyrics

Major Tunez

I dey pray for your blessings
Everyday man dey pray for your blessings
Me no dey watch another man’s blessings
I no dey let what another do come stress me

Big Wiz when you address me
Everyday of life say na flexing
I’ve been on the road, Jah protect me
And the weapon wey dey form no dey near me

I make great things I know
I live with the choice I make on my own
No regret we dey live life
Everyday we dey pray for the good life

Order the shayo for flexing
Gbe omo meji for the flexing
Big bad Wiz, nobody test me
Give thanks to Jah wey dey bless me

Wake up in the morning
I go down on my knees
Thank the creator for another day, Say
Planning my moves even tho i gat no clues of the time

And I’m on my way up
Gbe mi trabaye ah, trabaye ah
And I’m on my way up
Gbe mi trabaye ah, trabaye ah… 2ce

And I’m on my way, am on my way
Can’t see delay, I can’t delay oo
delay oo

And I do it for my brothers wey dey show me love
And the girls wey dey turn me on
I no dey bother with the ones wey no dey show me love
If na lie I dey lie, ki omi Gbe mi lo

And you know if you need am you fit call me up
I no dey talk about the one wey wan burn me up
I dey kill them with the vibe, e sha ma ba mi lo
As the Dj dey spin am make you whine me love

I dey pray for the good life
Miss Kedike, she dey whine for me all night
Touch make I touch we go dey all night
Me and my brothers we dey pray for that good life
And she dey for that late life
So you fit take all you want baby all night
As long as you go dey dey for me alright
Omotena dey, go dey for me alright

(And I’m on my way up)

She dey call me koko master just like D’banj ooo
Even tho till early momo the girl dey whine o
And the things she dey d,o dey make me mad oo
I don dey mad ooo
As she dey whine her body, girl make me mad oh
The feeling of your body dey make me no wan go
She dey call me koko master just like D’banj oo

And I’m on my way up

The feeling of your body dey make me no wan go
She dey call me koko master just like D’banj oo

About Blessings

Released 2023
Duration 03:17
Artist(s) DJ Tunez, Wizkid & Gimba
Genre Afrobeats
Producer(s) DJ Tunez & Smeez
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