Singularity(Love Yourself 結 'Answer')


Singularity(Love Yourself 結 'Answer')


BTS Singularity(Love Yourself 結 'Answer') Mp3 Download

Singularity is a solo song by V, the vocalist of BTS. It is the fifth track on the album Love Yourself 結 'Answer'. The song is about the feeling of being in love with someone who is not like anyone else.

The song's lyrics are about how V feels like he is the only one who can understand the person he is in love with. He sings about how they are both unique and special, and how they are meant to be together. He also sings about how he is willing to do anything for the person he loves, even if it means changing himself.

The song has been praised for its dreamy soundscape, V's soulful vocals, and its thought-provoking lyrics. It has also been credited with helping to introduce BTS to a wider audience, as it was one of the first songs from the Love Yourself 結 'Answer' album to be released.

BTS Singularity(Love Yourself 結 'Answer') Lyrics

무언가 깨지는 소리
난 문득 잠에서 깨
낮설음 가득한 소리
귀를 막아 보지만 잠엘 들지 못해
목이 자꾸 아파와
감싸 보려하지만
나에겐 목소리가 없어
오 오늘도 그 소릴 들어
또 울리고있어 그 소리가
이얼어 붙은 호수에 또 금이 가
그 호수에 내가 날 버렸잖아
내 목소릴 널 위해 묻었 잖아
날 버린 겨울 호수 위로
두꺼운 얼음이 얼었네
잠시 들어간 꿈 속에도
나를 괴롭히는 환상통은 여전해
나는 날 잃은 걸까
아님 널 잃은 걸까
나 문득 호수로 달려가
오그 속에 내 얼굴 있어
부탁해 아무 말도하지 마
입을 막으려 손을 뻗어 보지만
결국엔 언젠가 봄이와
얼음들은 녹아 내려 흘러 가
Tell me 내 목소리가 가짜라면
날 버리지 말았어야 했는지
Tell me 고통조차 가짜라면
그때 내가 무얼해야 했는지

About Singularity(Love Yourself 結 'Answer')

Released 2018
Duration 03:17
Artist(s) BTS
Genre pop
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