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"Walking Dead" is a song by Nigerian singer Mohbad, released in 2023. The song is a trap-infused Afrobeat track with a catchy melody and dark lyrics. Mohbad sings about being surrounded by people who are fake and disloyal, and how he feels like he is the only one who is real. He compares himself to a walking dead, someone who is alive but has no soul.

The song's lyrics are full of vivid imagery and metaphors. Mohbad sings about how his enemies are "thirsty for my blood" and how they are "trying to bring me down." He compares himself to a "lion in a cage" and a "snake in the grass."

The song is also a social commentary on the state of Nigeria. Mohbad sings about how the country is full of "corruption and lies" and how people are "fighting for their survival." He expresses his frustration with the government and the way that they are treating the people.

"Walking Dead" is a powerful and moving song that is sure to resonate with listeners everywhere. It is a song about resilience, hope, and overcoming adversity.

Mohbad Walking Dead Lyrics

it’s one life, and i’ll live it well
cause man no wan live with regret
“Jah is my confidence, every man is a walking dead”
Love me while I’m still here, cause heaven is our residence,
“Jah is my confidence, every man is a walking dead”
When I’m there no more, people will love me more.”
Talk about the things I’ve done, discuss my right and wrongs ”
“When I’m laying dead on the floor, when I can’t talk no more”
“If I go live forever, Shebi Oluwa”

About Walking Dead

Released 2023
Duration 00:46
Artist(s) Mohbad
Genre Afrobeats

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