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"Intro (Industry)" is a song by Nigerian rapper Erigga featuring P Fizzy. It was released in 2018 as the opening track on Erigga's album Okorowanta. The song is a reflection on the Nigerian music industry, and the challenges that musicians face in making a name for themselves.

The song begins with Erigga rapping about the importance of hard work and dedication in the music industry. He says that success doesn't come easy, and that musicians have to be willing to put in the time and effort to make it. He also raps about the importance of staying true to oneself, and not letting the industry change who you are.

P Fizzy's verse in the song focuses on the negative aspects of the music industry. He raps about the corruption, greed, and backstabbing that is often present in the industry. He also raps about the pressure that musicians feel to conform to the latest trends, even if it means sacrificing their own artistic integrity.

The song ends with Erigga and P Fizzy rapping about their determination to succeed in the music industry. They say that they are not going to give up, no matter what challenges they face.

"Intro (Industry)" is a powerful and insightful song about the Nigerian music industry. It is a must-listen for any fan of Nigerian hip hop.

Erigga Intro (Industry) Lyrics

Intro (Industry)
Song by Erigga

If I die tomorrow say person shoot me
Will you cry or say na wetin my mouth put me
What if you hear say na warm robbery were I go
Cos I don tire for wonder ground I just wan blow
Shoot video everywhere like Davido
Soundcity Hip TV and Channel O
Elegushi on Sunday vodoo bar
Stroll enter Cotonou buy like two good cars
Cos in those days talent go fit blow you
Nowadays without bar nobody wan know you
Presenters want their share even DJ too
100k each which upcoming dey do
Got the nerve why I no shoot with Clearance
2.5 mil how much dey we balance
The industry for Nigeria be like campaign
Share the money PDP if you wan reign
E be like say endorsement be the new swag
If only money no follow you fit take ham brag
Label dey spend big money for artist head
While artist no go show many artist death
Na for you to leave label be like concrete work
Very hard because of wetin them don spend on top
Now your boss dey expect 20million
After all the song blow so were the million
Na label don cast you don fall to G bag
Word on the street them collect them collect the house and jeep park
Same girl were dey dance wen them hear your beat
Now them take you do yeye when them hear your gist
Welcome to industry nice na you dem dey host today you go perform right
For your mind everybody wey come love you
But when dem reach their house na dem go judge you
Welcome to industry nice na you dem dey host today you go perform right
For your mind everybody wey come here love you
But when dem reach their various house na dem go judge you
Stay with me
Cause na you where l need l need you the fans to love me
Remember say wey l dey so wey l dey for my life right now
Na place wey you pick me up without you there is no me mehn
Stay with me say what goes up must surly comes down
Cause na you wey l need but ain't coming down for very long time
Remember say wey l dey so cause am so high
Na place wey you pick me up can't come down now mehn
Without you there is no me mehn
Loving the fans to death

About Intro (Industry)

Released 2018
Duration 02:30
Artist(s) Erigga & P Fizzy
Genre Nigerian Street Music

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