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Forget Your Marra


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"Forget Your Marra" is a song by Nigerian rapper Erigga. It was released in 2013 and is considered to be one of his most Popular songs. The song is in the street-hop genre and is known for its catchy hook and relatable lyrics.

The song's title is a slang term for "forget your ex." In the song, Erigga encourages listeners to move on from past relationships and focus on the present. He raps about the pain of heartbreak and the importance of self-love.

The song is also notable for its use of Warri slang, a dialect spoken in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Erigga is from Warri, and he often incorporates elements of his local culture into his music.

"Forget Your Marra" was a commercial success in Nigeria. It reached number one on the Billboard Nigeria Top 100 chart and was certified gold by the Nigerian Recording Industry Association of Nigeria (RIAN). The song also received positive reviews from critics, who praised Erigga's lyrics and delivery.

About Forget Your Marra

Released 2013
Duration 04:02
Artist(s) Erigga
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap

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