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"Steve Berman (Skit)" is a track by the American rapper Eminem. It is featured on his sixth studio album titled "Relapse," which was released on May 15, 2009. The skit was named after Steve Berman, who was the head of marketing at Interscope Records, the label Eminem was signed to.

The skit serves as an outro to the album and features Eminem having a conversation with Steve Berman. It begins with Berman berating Eminem for the content of his previous album, "Encore," and criticizing the excessive violence and controversial lyrics. Berman expresses concerns about the negative impact these lyrics may have on Eminem's career and the backlash they might receive.

The skit continues with Eminem defending his artistic expression and explaining that the content of "Relapse" is meant to depict his alter ego, Slim Shady. He argues that Slim Shady represents the darker and more troubled aspects of his personality, separate from his true self. Eminem acknowledges the controversy surrounding his music but asserts that it is an essential part of his creative process.

Throughout the skit, Berman's frustration with Eminem's unconventional approach to music grows, and he becomes increasingly agitated. Eminem, in turn, maintains his stance and defends his artistic freedom. The skit ends with Berman storming out of the studio in frustration.

"Steve Berman (Skit)" is a satirical commentary on the music industry's reaction to Eminem's controversial and provocative lyrics. It reflects the ongoing struggles Eminem faced with censorship, criticism, and the pressure to conform to societal norms. The skit showcases Eminem's willingness to push boundaries and his determination to stay true to his artistic vision.

"Relapse" as a whole delves into dark themes, drawing inspiration from Eminem's own struggles with addiction, mental health, and personal demons. The album marked Eminem's return to the music scene after a five-year hiatus and was highly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

Overall, "Steve Berman (Skit)" provides a glimpse into the mindset of Eminem during the creation of "Relapse" and the challenges he faced as an artist. It sets the tone for the album's exploration of controversial and introspective subject matter, making it an integral part of the overall listening experience.

Eminem Steve Berman (Skit) Relapse Lyrics

"Steve Berman (Skit)"

Mr. Berman?
We have Eminem here to see you
About fuckin' time! Send him in

Steve! Good to see ya, man. Um, hey, I just w–
Well, look who decided to show his face!
I hope you've had fun in the last four years
Look man, I apologize again for–
For shooting me?! Do you know I lost the use of my right arm?
Again, it was a mistake, a terrible mist–
Are you wearing a bulletproof vest?
And then you go and do what? Hide out?
Stay in Detroit for almost five years
While the music industry melts the fuck down?
Do you know how many people lost their jobs
Because of your fuckin' vacation?
Well, that's actually why I'm here
I was gonna put out some new music
And I wanted to play it for you and get your opinion
Do I really need to hear it?
Let me guess, another album about: "Poor me!
I'm so famous that it's ruined my rich little life
And I'm such a tortured artist, let me make music about it
And my tragic love life!" Am I on to something here?
Come on, man, it's not like that
You know what? Just hand the fuckin' thing over!
I'm done talking to you!
Think you can just come and go as you please
Big selfish superstar?
Steve, I had a drug problem!
"Oh, poor me! I had a drug problem!"
Who hasn't had a drug problem in this town?
You know what? [*gun cocks*]
Hey! hey!
Just lay the shit down on my desk and get the fuck out!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jesus Christ, man
Alright, alright, here, fine
What's this shit? Two CDs?
That's what I've been tryin' to tell you, man, there's two albums
Just get out!
Get the fuck out!
Alright, man, see you later
[*bottle smashes*]

About Steve Berman (Skit) Relapse

Released 2009
Duration 01:29
Artist(s) Eminem
Genre Rap
Label Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope Records, WEB Entertainment
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