Akon - Feeling The Nikka (Ft. D"Banj)


Feeling The Nikka

Akon & D'Banj

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Feeling A Nikka: T.I. track exudes confidence and swagger, with Akon delivering his verses with a commanding presence. "Feeling A Nikka" showcases Akon's ability to blend his signature style with a modern sound, resulting in an energetic and engaging track.

Akon Feeling The Nikka Lyrics

Feelin' a nikka
Make a de no no
Make a de shake em, shake em
Shake em, shake em
Shake em, shake em

Baby, I know you feelin' me
But you know that you're killin' me
And if I do know any better, I would a thought you're my enemy
By the way that you teasing me and you know you wanna give it to me
But you keep holdin' back on the cookie, saying that I got too many
But you know it's a lie, I'm the type of guy
That will make you feel so nice that you can't deny
Just so attached to me and you don't know why
And you gonna end up in a limo showing me how to ride


Feelin' a nikka
MakŠµ a de no no
Make a de shakŠµ em, shake em
Shake em, shake em
Shake em, shake em

About Feeling The Nikka

Released 2015
Duration 03:50
Artist(s) Akon & D'Banj
Genre Afrobeats
Label Konvict Muzik
Producer(s) DeeVee

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